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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the shop located?

In Bloom Tattoo Collective is located at 340 MacLaren street on the third floor in unit 304. Head through the glass doors at 340 MacLaren and take the elevator to the third floor. From there, follow the signs to In Bloom Tattoo.

Where can I park?

Street parking only. There is a paid parking lot directly across from 340 MacLaren and street parking on all streets around the shop. Taking public transit to your appointment is strongly recommended if you can as it is conveniently located to central bus lines and the LRT.

How do I book with your artists?

Every artist does their own bookings and has unique pricing, scheduling, and hours of operation. More information can be found under the "Resident Artists" and "Guest Artists" pages accessed at the top of this page.

What should I know for appointment day?

IMPORTANT: You must eat something carb-heavy at least 2 hours before your appointment. Our artists can not tattoo you if you have not eaten. If you arrive and have not eaten your appointment will be cancelled and your deposit will be forfeit. Not eating drastically increases your risk of fainting/going into shock. Please bring a sugary juice/pop as well as a salty snack to your appointment. If you are sitting for a full day, please bring a light lunch.


Please bring clothing appropriate for your sitting. We have a bathroom for you to change! Please make sure your artist has easy access to the area of your tattoo and that your clothing isn’t too tight. If you are getting your legs tattooed please bring shorts/skirt/briefs etc. Rolled up jeans, yoga pants, and leggings are not appropriate. Arms/shoulders/chest a thin-strapped tank top is best. For sternums and ribs, please either bring a string bikini top or I can make pasties for your privacy. Please do not wear expensive or precious items of clothing and avoid pale colours that could stain. I do my best to protect your clothing while I am tattooing you but it is not my priority during the process. Please note our current studio tends to run hot.


You MUST present a government-issued photo ID with your birthdate at your appointment even if your artist has tattooed you before or are well above the age of majority. 


NO SHOW POLICY: 15 minutes late is understandable with a phone call or e-mail. 15+ minutes late with no call or e-mail is considered a no-show and your deposit is forfeit. In order to rebook after a no-show you will need to pay the entire price of the tattoo in a non-refundable payment at the time of booking. This is up to my discretion, though, and I may choose to not rebook depending on the circumstances. Life happens though! I am always understanding of last minute cancellations or rescheduling due to illness and extenuating circumstance. 

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